A web-based system for reporting/tracking IT problems within a company .Net Projects


A web-based system for reporting/tracking IT problems within a company


The present system is manual system. There we do all the activities in the project based on our assumptions and conclusions. In existing system all activities regarding projects like, System Analysis, Design, System Study etc… Should be done by the programmer itself. Since all are single handled, the time and cost for finishing the project will be more than expected.

1. Time wasting due to lack of proper planning.
2. Unachieved targets.
3. Reviewing of project tasks are difficult.
4. Poor resources planning.
5. Frequent rescheduling of tasks.
6. Failure in timely completion of projects.
7. Poor assessment of tasks.
8. Project administration is difficult.

Proposed System

If you are ever responsible for coordinating a variety of specific tasks that must be completed within a specific timeframe for a set amount of money . Developing a software product, publishing a newsletter, implementing a training program, starting a new business or even building a new home are some of the projects that millions of people embark upon everyday. How does this system help you do this? It helps you put together a plan of action, fill in and organize all the details that must be completed in order to achieve your goal. Right from building a new project to preparing your project for publication, tracking progress, analyzing costs, assessing the quality of your project and managing multiple projects, this system does it all. Apart from being an easy and flexible tool it expands into web compatible software, thus enabling easy communication. Internet Information server, members in any team can view project data with any browser and exchange information easily, irrespective of their locations.

To summarize, this system helps you stay in control with minimum effort and in minimum time.

Tasks: They are a division of all the work that needs to be completed in order to accomplish the project goals.

Scope: of any project is a combination of all individual tasks and their goals.

Resources: can be people, equipment, materials or services that are needed to complete various tasks. The amount of resources affects the scope and time of any project.

The this system communicates with you through its interface - charts graphs and sheets, menus, toolbars and dialog boxes.

Before embarking on the project you need to put down a few key points very clearly -

1. Conceptualize and identify the purpose of the project
2. Define its objectives
3. Define project deadlines, costs, team members and workweeks etc.
4. Finalize its scope
5. Break down your projects into tasks and assign them to different member groups
6. Identify its activities
7. Assign resources to activities
8. Make honest assumptions about various relevant factors that can affect the duration of a project and its costs
9. Discuss alternative scenarios and build contingency plans
10. Manage your projects remotely
11. Point out deliverables against each task, perform virtual check-in and check-out against them.
12. Identify task dependencies and parent-child relations.
13. Establish task teams, assign different roles to different members
14. Send automated email notifications to different members upon different events
15. Specify progress against each task on daily/weekly basis

Programming Language Tools Used:
SQL Server2000


A web application for the management of job vacancies .Net project


By virtue of today’s socioeconomic environment and continuing advancements in information technologies, companies are offering more computer related services and becoming more sophisticated computers having high capacity of storage and fast method of retrieving real time information have become boon for corporate.

The proposed System is a complete web portal for job seekers. Employers can post their jobs in the site and job seekers can search for relevant job through this site. Project is done in Asp.Net and Back End used is SQL SERVER 2000.


A web application for the management of job vacancies

Computerization has made the world in to a small global village. In this fast generation, where in all the work is done in jet speed people cannot afford to waste even the single second. After all “Time is money”. Going on is an era of simplifying almost all complicated works using computers.

The proposed application is a complete web portal for job seekers as well as employers. Employers can select appropriate candidates through the site by posting their jobs. Candidates can apply for relevant post thorough this site. Project is done in Asp.Net and Back End used is SQL SERVER 2000.

Existing System

Now there exist some discreet systems that help the traveler with minimal information. . In today’s career market one can find literally tens of thousands of career sites which make it extremely difficult to adequately search through all of the available jobs online

Proposed System


Proposed system is to provide jobs information sources. Users can upload or create Resumes automatically by using Resume Generator facility given by the proposed system. The employers can post their job vacancies in the site .The users can post their resumes and can apply for relevant post through this site.


Easy to apply for jobs
User friendly
Easy to navigate


I. Normal User

i. Registration

ii. Job Searching

iii. Resume Generation

iv. Resume Uploading

vi. Search Interview Tips

II. Admin User

i Registration

ii. Company checking

iii. User Checking

iv. Job Posting

v. Interview Tips Posting

III. Company Users

i. Registration

ii. Requirements Posting

Module Description

I. Normal User

User Registration

This facility used to register a user

Job Search:-

Provides the facility for searching jobs. Jobseekers can view the published opportunities of different companies

Resume Generation

A user gives our detailed information then our application converts this information to a designed Resume

Upload Resume:-

At any time the users can upload their resumes. This is restricted with strict authentication. Only registered user uploads their resumes

Interview Tips:-

Provides some Tips for Resume Writing and attending Personal Interviews.

II. Admin User

User Registration

This facility used to register Admin user.

Company Checking

Check the registered co. details and payment details.

User Checking

Check the registered user’s details. If any user not update you’re login date with in a month, administrator delete all details with that user.

Job Posting:-

Registered Employers can post suitable jobs on the web site. These opportunities are published in the web site after verification from the responding site authorities.

Interview Tips:-

Add to web site, new Tips for Resume Writing and attending Personal Interviews

III. Company User

Company Details:-

This facility is used to register a company. Requirements sending only allow the registered companies.

Requirement posting

With the help of this facility no of companies can post their requirements.

Tools Used

Frond end: ASP.NET

Back End: SQL Server 2000