Med Teller-An intelligent medical Web search engine that extensively uses medical knowledge

Searching for medical information on the Web is popular and important. However, medical search has its own unique requirements that are poorly handled by existing medical Web search engines. The Med Teller , the first intelligent medical Web search engine that extensively uses medical knowledge and questionnaire to facilitate ordinary Internet users to search for medical information. Med Teller introduces and extends expert system technology into the search engine domain. It uses several key techniques to improve its usability and search result quality. First, since ordinary users often cannot clearly describe their situations due to lack of medical background, Med Teller uses a questionnaire-based query interface to guide searchers to provide the most important information about their situations. Second, Med Teller uses medical knowledge to automatically form multiple queries from a searcher’ answers to the questions. Using these queries to perform search can significantly improve the quality of search results. Third, Med Teller structures all the search results into a multilevel hierarchy with explicitly marked medical meanings to facilitate searchers’ viewing. Lastly, Med Teller suggests diversified, related medical phrases at each level of the search result hierarchy
1. Admin Module

• Static Data Entry.
• Manage Blog
• Upload Article
• SMS.
• Reports

2. User Module

• User Registration
• Searching
• Blog
• Down Load Articles

Company information Tracking System .net b-tech projects

CITS is a powerful human resource tool for maintaining employee and company information. More than a data storage program, CITS helps you manage your employees. CITS offers a wide variety of Reports that give you exactly the information you need. View payroll information by department, or find everyone who is receiving company Benefits. CITS gives you the power of information with different report categories.
CITS allows you to add and remove employees from the program and provides access to all employee information categories from Address History to Work Information. Organization files keep track of your company information. From this screen you can create, modify, and Remove company data. You can adjust data for company benefits, departments, evaluation categories, and Positions. It is a good idea to define your departments and positions before adding employees. You must also set up your company benefits and evaluations before adding them to your employee files. When you create a new category such as an Additional department or position, it is immediately available for selection in every applicable employee screen. Checklists assist you in office management by creating a list of items that need to be completed for a particular event. For example, you may want to make a checklist of everything that needs to be done when someone is hired.
CITS allows you to preview and print different reports that range from individual Work History to department Headcounts. Each report screen has different options. You can change the name of the report by editing the Report Title field. This will not change the name of the report in the drop down box, only the name as it appears on the report. The header includes report information such as the report title and date. Your company name (if selected) and report title will appear in every header. If you choose to have your company logo displayed on your report, it will appear in the top left corner. The date range of the report is displayed below the title. The date of the report is in the top right corner directly above the page number. The header may also contain information such as the employee name, department, and Selection Criteria
Main Module’
Employee Files:
 Address History:
 Benefits:
 Evaluation:
 Warning:
Organization Files:
 Company Benefits,
 Evaluation Categories
 Positions
Check Lists:
 New Employee Hires
 Termination Checklist
 Certification List,
 Address History,
 Personal Information,
 Achievement List,
 Education and training Report,
 Department Salary Profile,
 Employee Compensation Status.

Event manger : a software for handling different events

Event manger is a software for handling different events like marriage,betrothal, christing, wedding aniversiries and other prgramming events. For example if a person want to conduct a marriage, he has to inform no of persons and date of function. Event manager will arrange hall,food,vehicles, decorations ,parking , welcome girls etc..
1. Admin Module
a. Accept Request And Send Cost Estimation
b. Event manager
c. Event categorization
d. Accept Booking
e. Payment
f. Reports
2. Client Module
a. Client registration
b. Request for cost estimation
c. Search price list
d. Booking
e. View event package
f. Cancel booking
g. Photo gallery