Portable Fluorescence Detection System,Embedded System Project

Integration of Micropump, Microfluidic Card, Optical Detection and Data Acquisition. The objective of
this project is to construct a prototype of portable fluorescence detection system for microfluidic chip. It involves
the integration of a micropump, microfluidic chip, optical detection, one-dimensional scanning system, and data
acquisition. Micropump and scanning system will be controlled by a PC, laptop or microcontroller. The output of
optical detection will be amplified, stored in memory, processed and displayed. Micropump and microfluidic chip will be made from polymeric materials. Photodiode or avalanche photodiode will be used as optical detector. Required background knowledge: Photonics and electronics, particularly data acquisition and controlling either using PC or microcontroller. Please contact Dr Rudi Irawan (erirawan@ntu.edu.sg) to discuss if you are interested.