System Prototype for Personal Mobile Health Monitoring

Infocommunication technology has been employed in health care for many years with good success.
However, the upgrade of existing medical instruments and the design of new medical applications as a result of continuous advances in information technology should not lead to a neglect of the practical needs of patients and physicians. Although significant progress has been made with respect to the creation of new medical instruments, it is also important to direct efforts to the integration of these instruments in operational information systems where all the devices can be integrated into a single framework of health-care resources. It should be observed that this aspect is particularly critical since different medical devices and hospital data bases using different protocols and data representations may be unable to interact automatically, thus failing to provide efficient diagnostic support. Although the current technologies offer the necessary means to support this type of health care, it should be possible to integrate selected health care resources offering a continuous, cooperative health care system and tools for personalized health monitoring.
This project focuses on the development of a versatile system prototype for personal mobile health monitoring on mobile phones operating on Symbian OS including the use of open standards such as Bluetooth, GPRS, etc. The aim is to achieve an optimized system design for efficient data acquisition and online analysis for a 3-stage distributed mobile system that consists of the front-end integrated biosensor, the personal mobile phone and the back-end server. The primary goal will be on the data storage and processing of ECG and PCG signals. Requirements: Wireless Communications, Embedded Systems, Programming (Symbian OS, C++).