Infra Red Monitor

The application of IR monitor is to check an IR
emitting device such as a TV Video remote controller.
This IR monitor requires only 7 resistors, 4 LED s, 1
miniature switch, 1 IR photo transistor and 1
PIC12C671 uC.
This circuit uses an analog converter from PIC12C671
to measure the infra-red intensity from the IR photo transistor.
The intensity is displayed on the bargraph
1. Put an emitting device in front of the IR monitor
(from 1 inch to 2 feet).
2. Press the switch on the IR monitor once to
wake-up the micro-controller.
3. Press one key on the TV video controller and
watch the 4 monitor LEDs. The LEDs blink if
data is received, if all 4 LEDs stay off, no IR is
sensing. If high IR power is received, more
LEDs will be on. If IR monitor didn't receive anything
for 17 seconds, it will turn off (sleep mode).
Note: The OPTIC IR photo-transistor must be protected
from daylight source to avoid false bargraph level.

Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS)

The purpose of this application is to measure temperature using the 8-pin PICmicro™ and SMT 160-30 temperature
sensors. The temperature range is -45°C to+127°C.
The Remote Temperature Sensor is part of a
system that can monitor the temperature in 8 different
points. Each RTS has its own address (0 to 7) and communicates
with the master by a simple protocol.
Because of the low consumption of the RTS it is powered
from the data line (something like Dallas bus). For
communication is used 9 bit Asynchronous serial protocol
with baud rate 9600. The 9-th bit indicates that the
byte is address.
The protocol is: Master sends address.
The RTS which address matches sends data
Master sends address every 100 ms. The time between
communications is used by the powering capacitor to
charge up, so in this time the line must be in 1.
The slave monitors the line and when it finds start bit
starts receiving. If the address matches, a function
MakeTemp is called. This function measures the temperature and places the result in ByteOut Next Byte- Out is sent out and the 9th bit is sent as 0 (Byte is Data).