Electronic Billing with full report

Electronic Billing (General) is the electronic delivery and presentation of financial statements, bills, invoices, and related information sent by a company to its customers. Electronic billing is referred to by a variety of terms,including the following:
EBPP — Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (typically focused on business-to-consumer billing and payment)
EIPP — Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (typically focused on business-to-business billing and payment)
"electronic invoicing"

While there are current efforts to standardize systems for electronic billing and invoicing, there is currently a wide variety of options for businesses and consumers. Most fall into one of two categories:
CSPs (customer service providers) which allow a business to invoice clients electronically
bank aggregators, which allow consumers to pay multiple bills, typically through their bank

Increasing acceptance of e-billing by consumers and the business community (according to Kiplinger magazine, 77% of business owners now favor electronic billing),as well as increased concern for security and the environment, is speeding up the shift to electronic billing from paper billing